Norito Nakahara, Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Norito Nakahara

Nakahara joined Urban Design System (now UDS) in 1999 after working with a Yamato architectural firm, and was appointed to a corporate directorship in 2009. His extensive experience includes projects involving cooperative housing, rental housing, office properties, commercial facility, as well as hotel renovation and new construction. Corporate officer for design division.

Fumio Kajiwara, Advisor, Founder


Tetsu Atsumi

Born in 1982 inTokyo. Mr. Atsumi joined UDS from SoftBank Corp. He is currently a UDS Ltd. Corporate officer for Management strategy team. He is on the Board of Directors of UDS CO. LTD. (China). Auditing officer of Okinawa UDS Ltd.

Tetsuji Kuroda, President & Representative Director

President & Representative Director

Tetsuji Kuroda

Born in 1977 in Hyogo prefecture, Mr. Kuroda came to UDS Ltd. from Kengo Kuma and Associates architects. Mr. Kuroda later moved to Mori Building Co., and returned to UDS Ltd. in 2015. He is on the Board of Directors of UDS CO. LTD. (China). and lectures on architecture and design at Ritsumeikan University.

Yuichiro katagiri, Executive Vice President


Keisaku Kunou

Born in 1968 in Hyogo. Mr.Kunou joined Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd in 1991. There he engaged in the double track business department, building leasing department, legal department, and real estate management department, etc. In 2021 he was assigned to UDS ltd. Exective officer of Corporate Planning department.

Yuichiro katagiri, Executive Vice President


Yuichiro Katagiri

His career includes past work with Oji Shinkin Bank (now Johoku Shinkin Bank), Urban Design System (now UDS), as well as management of its subsidiary, and Coplus Inc. He returned to UDS Ltd. most recently in 2017. President & Representative Director of OKINAWA UDS Ltd.

Yusaku Takahashi, Director


Yusaku Takahashi

Born in Nagano prefecture in 1979, Mr. Takahashi worked with IDÉE before joining UDS Ltd. in 2005. He is a corporate officer for project design and planning, responsible for total business project design.

Create community and bring excitement to our world

At UDS, we trace our origins to 1992 and the establishment of Urban Design System, a design firm dedicated to creating fully enjoyable urban living arrangements that function as systems designed for business feasibility and community life.

At UDS, our fundamental attitude is one of enjoying our work as we constantly, deliberately pursue design excellence, feasibility and a community-oriented approach. At UDS, what we consider “fun work” consists in making our clients happy and generating solid profit by coming up with things and ideas that we ourselves would like to have, and which benefit society.

Design sophistication tends to get people talking about a place, making it a spot that appeals to people and generates new value for the neighborhood. But in order to provide an enduring presence rather than a passing fad, the question becomes how much profit that place can generate-- its business feasibility. The pursuit of stylishness costs money, and so does contribution to society. We regard it as essential that we strike a balance among these three elements of business feasibility, design sophistication and community orientation.

Having been in operation for nearly a quarter of a century now, we are grateful to everyone for having been able to navigate our way through some turbulent waters. During that time, we have expanded our areas of activity from cooperative housing with a community development orientation to hotels, as well as commercial and public facilities. One thing that has never changed since our founding, however, is our commitment to truly grasping the needs of our clients and of local communities, and doing work that earns praise by exceeding expectations. At UDS, this is why we incorporate planning, design and operation into proposals that strike a comprehensive balance.

When we establish a plan, we put ourselves in the place of the end-user so that we can achieve feasibility while meeting the needs of the local community and understanding its issues. We invent designs that impart added value to the plan while rendering it in tangible form. Finally, we actually operate the building constructed according to this design. In this way, we bring the plan to life as we obtain feedback from our customers who use the property, and from everyone who works in association with it. This cyclical process undertaken from the end-user’s point of view is essential. And it is one of our key advantages at UDS.

At UDS, we place top priority on enjoying our work together with the people living in our neighborhoods as we work through the planning, design and operation cycle to create community in ways that bring excitement to cities all over the world.

UDS Movie (Japanese only)

UDS Concept book (Japanese only)


Books on the UDS story and philosophy

  • 手作りマンションで暮らそう!
    Live in a Handmade Condominium! - The Cooperative Housing Stylebook
    Date issued:2002
  • 自分たちでマンションを建ててみた。下北沢コーポラティブハウス物語
    We Built our Condominium Ourselves
    The Story of Shimokitazawa Cooperative House
    Date issued:2000
  • いまからはじめるセカンドライフ
    Life style Magazine for Enjoy Your Life
    Date issued:2005
  • ハローキッズ!
    Date issued:2005
  • プロジェクト・デザイン・パターン 企画・プロデュース・新規事業に携わる人のための企画のコツ32
    Project Design Pattern - 32 techniques for creating plans for people involved in planning, producing and new businesses
    Publisher:SHOEISHA / Date issued:2016
    Publisher:SHOTENKENCHIKU-SHA / Date issued:2016
  • OMOTENASHI Design Pattern - 28 techniques for creative hospitality to win inbound business
    OMOTENASHI Design Pattern - 28 techniques for creative hospitality to win inbound business
    Publisher:SHOEISHA / Date issued:2019