Company Information

Company Name UDS Ltd.
Address Yoyogi NT bldg. 1F, 2-28-7, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo Japan 151-0053 Google Map
Contact TEL : 03-6381-6037
E-Mail :
Founded February 26, 2009
Capital JPY 50,000,000
Stockholder Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Board member
Tetsuji Kuroda
Executive Vice President
Norito Nakahara
Yuichiro Katagiri
Yusaku Takahashi
Tetsu Atsumi
Keisaku Kunou
(Affiliated Partner)
Isamu Arakawa
(Affiliated Partner)
Shigeru Suzuki
(Affiliated Partner)
Toshiro Yamamoto
Headcount Non-consolidated 640
Consolidated 848
Our business Business planning, building design and storefront operation that helps create community
Group Companies Okinawa UDS Ltd.
UDS Hotel Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd


1992 June Established Urban Design System Co. as a small LLC under pre-2006 business laws
1993 Aug. Started cooperative house business operations
1994 Sept. Organizational structure changed to Urban Design System Co. Ltd.
1999 Nov. Began cooperative housing business operations (detached cooperative housing)
2002 Feb. Began fee-based elder-care home business operations
2003 Sept. Opened hotel CLASKA※
2004 Apr. Established Japan's first fee-based elder-care home investment fund (for revitalization development business projects)
2005 Apr. Began investment fund-related residential development (for revitalization development business projects)
2006 June Opened “diage”, a commercial facilities complex in Shanghai
Oct. Opened KidZania Tokyo, undertaking sponsor development, content development and design work
2009 Feb. Established Urban Design System Co. Ltd. as a corporate entity with Kokuyo Co. Ltd. as a wholly-owned subsidiary; obtained business concession rights in March
2010 Apr. Began Relax Shokudo business operations
Oct. Began hotel restaurant business operations (starting with Hotel Kanra Kyoto)
2011 Apr. Began shared house business operations (starting with Anteroom Apartment Kyoto)
2012 Apr. Changed company name from Urban Design System Co. Ltd. to UDS Co. Ltd.
2013 Feb. Began Co-working space business operations (starting with LEAGUE)
Nov. Established UDS CO. LTD. (China) in Beijing
2014 Oct. Undertook contract planning, design and operation project for Satsumasendai, Kagoshima prefecture (starting with the Satsumasendai Smart House project)※
2015 Feb. Odakyu Electric Railway Co. Ltd. acquired 90% of UDS shares from Kokuyo Co. Ltd.
Apr. Undertook JV PLAYTANK public park operations on contract for Nerima ward, Tokyo (opening Nerima-ku Kodomonomori municipal children’s forest park).※
Began hostel management business operations (starting with GRIDS Akihabara)※
Aug. Began Afterschool operations (starting with Ricoh Coscie)
2016 June Odakyu Electric Railway Co. Ltd. acquired 10% of UDS shares from Kokuyo Co. Ltd.
Oct. Established OKINAWA UDS Ltd.
2017 Sept. Accuired seven LEGO®clickbrick stores and one LEGO®school from Sanmalta Co.,Ltd.and began business operations※
Oct. Began local speciality shop business operations (starting with COCOSHIGA)※
2018 Apr. Began student residence operations (starting with NODE GROWTH SHONANDAI)
Began book cafe with coworking space operations (starting with Jimbocho book center with Iwanami Books)
June Opened MUJI HOTEL BEIJING in Beijing, China.
Established UDS Korea Ltd.※Currently the capital relationship is dissolved by transferring stocks.
2019 Feb. Established Museum division.
Began chocolate shop operations (starting with nel CRAFT CHOCOLATE TOKYO)
May Began Japanese onsen ryokan operations (starting with ONSEN RYOKAN YUEN SHINJUKU)
2020 Oct. Opened HOTEL ANTEROOM SEOUL in Seoul, Korea.※Currently the operation company has changed due to the transfer of stocks.
Dec. Began student residence operations (starting with SHIMOKITA COLLEGE)
※Currently closed or finished the contract