Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, UDS Ltd., (“we,” “us,” or “our”) declare that we will comply with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, and that we will establish, implement, and maintain Privacy Policy that includes the following items, based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, regarding the handling and protection of such information.

  1. We will comply with laws and regulations related to the handling of personal information, including the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information," and guidelines established by the government, and other standards, regarding the handling of personal information of all businesses and employees. Additionally, we will establish a personal information protection system to protect personal information handled in our business.
  2. We will specify the purpose of use before acquiring or using personal information, and we will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use (unauthorized use). We will also take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized use.
  3. We will not provide acquired personal information to third parties, without the consent of the individual or unless required by law.
  4. In the event that we receive a complaint or inquiry regarding the handling of personal information, we will promptly investigate the facts and circumstances of the complaint and respond in good faith within a reasonable period of time.
  5. In order to properly manage the acquired personal information, we will implement organizational, personnel, physical, and technical safety measures to prevent and correct the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.
  6. We will continuously review our personal information protection management system and improve our efforts to protect personal information as we take into account of changes in social conditions and the environment.

UDS Ltd.
CEO Kuroda, Tetsuji
Entactment: July 2016
Amendment: April 1st 2024

Contact information regarding Privacy Policy

Personal Information Advisory Desk
Corporate Planning Division, UDS Ltd.
Reception Hours: Monday through Friday (except for national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays), 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Contact Method: Please use the form linked below.

Items disclosed regarding Personal Information

  1. Name, address, and representative name of the personal information handler
    UDS Ltd.
    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Yoyogi 2-28-7-1F
    CEO Tetsuji Kuroda
  2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
    We use personal information for the following business purposes and to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
    (1) Business Scope
    (i) Real estate sales, purchase, trading, leasing, management, and intermediary service
    (ii) Building design, construction supervision, construction business, and contracting of civil engineering projects
    (iii) Consulting service for buildings and real estate
    (iv) Management consulting service
    (v) Sales, exportation, and importation of construction materials
    (vi) Designing, manufacturing, sales, exports, and import of furniture products
    (vii) Restaurant business
    (viii) Management and operation of hotels
    (ix) Planning, research, operation, contracting, and management consulting service concerning education business
    (x) Sales of liquor, tobacco products, stamps, food products, special souvenirs, garment, toys, stationery, interior articles, other daily necessities and miscellaneous goods
    (xi) Travel agency service
    (xii) Worker dispatching service
    (xiii) Antique business based on the antique dealing law
    (xiv) Any other related businesses ancillary to the aforementioned businesses
    (2) Purpose of Use
    < Personal Information of Customers>
    *(i) To exercise rights and fulfill obligations under contracts, laws and regulations related to our business.
    *(ii) To ensure the proper and efficient execution of our business operation.
    *(iii) To facilitate smooth communication and transactions with customers, including sending business-related notifications and greetings.
    *(iv) To provide information on properties, services, etc., from our company and affiliated group companies.
    *(v) To respond to various inquiries.
    (vi) To appropriately and smoothly carry out entrusted operations in cases where all or part of the processing of personal information is entrusted by other businesses or entities.
    < Personal Information of Employees, Job Applicants, and Retirees>
    *(i) For our recruitment and selection process.
    *(ii) For the employment management of employees
    *(iii) To provide information and contact retirees
    < Specific Personal Information of Employees, Job Applicants (including those who have received a job offer), External Experts, Shareholders, etc., involved in Employee and Recruitment Activities>
    *(i) For the purpose of administrative procedures, such as submitting documents containing personal identification numbers of employees, job applicants (including those who have received a job offer), external experts, shareholders, etc., to government agencies, health insurance associations, etc., as required by law, including withholding tax statements, payment reports, notifications of eligibility for health insurance and welfare pension insurance, etc.
    Personal Information subject to “Personal Data held by UDS (Please refer Article 32 from ”Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003)”)” are indicated by asterisk(*) above.
  3. Measures Taken for Security Management
    In compliance with relevant laws and guidelines, we will take the following necessary and appropriate measures (hereinafter referred to as "Security Management Measures") to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information we handle, and to ensure the security of personal information, as follows.
    (1) Establishment of Privacy Policy
    We have established a "Privacy Policy" as a fundamental policy to ensure appropriate handling of personal data.
    (2) Establishment of Rules for Handling Personal Information
    We have established internal regulations specifying the methods of handling personal information, responsibilities of personnel, and their roles.
    (3) Organizational Security Management Measures
    We implement controls related to personal information protection. Additionally, we have established a system to promptly report incidents to responsible personnel in case of potential leakage of personal information or occurrence of actual leakage.
    (4) Personnel Security Management Measures
    We regularly conduct education and training for employees on the proper handling of personal information.
    (5) Physical and Technical Security Management Measures
    We implement access controls to information systems handling personal data, computer virus countermeasures, protection against unauthorized software, and monitoring of information systems.
    (6) Awareness of External Environments
    As we partially store personal information in services provided by overseas companies, we conduct Security Management Measures after understanding the personal information protection systems in the following countries.
    Regarding countries: Netherlands, etc.
    For an overview of the personal information protection system in the above-mentioned countries, please refer to the results of the investigation on "Systems for Protecting Personal Information in Foreign Countries" published by the Personal Information Protection Commission:
  4. Joint Use of Personal Information
    2 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information).
    (1) Items of Personal Information Jointly Used
    Name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, etc., and other personal information necessary within the scope of the purpose of use described in Section (3) "Purpose of Use of Joint Users", as well as personal information that we have properly acquired from public information such as commercial registers and real estate registers.
    (2) Scope of Joint Users
    < Personal Information of Customers>
    UDS Ltd., Okinawa UDS Ltd., UDS (China) Co., Ltd., UDS Hotel Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
    (3) Purpose of Use of Joint Users
    Same as the purpose of use disclosed in Article 2 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information).
    (4) Name or Appellation and its Address of whom responsible for the Management of Jointly Used Personal Information, and in the case of an Enterprise, the Name of its Representative
    UDS Ltd.
    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Yoyogi 2-28-7-1F
    CEO Tetsuji Kuroda
    (5) Acquisition Method
    Data linkage through shared systems with joint users.
  5. Procedures for Disclosure, Correction, etc.
    We accept requests of disclosure, notification of the purpose of use, correction, suspension of use, suspension of provision to third parties, or disclosure of records of provision to third parties (hereinafter, "Requests for Disclosure, etc.") of Personal Data held by UDS.
    (1) Method of Requests for Disclosure, etc.
    If you wish to make a Request for Disclosure, etc., please send by mail to the address below the designated request form together with documents necessary for identification and handling fee (handling fee applies only for those who request disclosure and/or notification of the purpose of use of Personal Data held by UDS, and disclosure of third-party provision records; otherwise it is free of the handling fee) as described in item (2) and (3) of this article. Please write "Attention: Request for Disclosure, etc. documents included" in red ink on the envelope.
    2-28-7-1F Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (151-0053)
    Personal Information Consultation Desk
    Corporate Planning Division, UDS Ltd.
    Reception Hours: Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays), 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    (2) Documents to be Submitted
    (i) Personal Information Disclosure Request Form
    (ii) Documents for Identity Verification (Driver's license, passport, My Number Card (front side), etc.)
    (iii) In the case of a legal representative, a document confirming the legal representative authority will be needed in addition to (ii) above
    (iv) In the case of a voluntary representative, a letter of attorney designated by our company and a certificate of the individual's registered seal will be needed in addition to (ii) above
    * If the submitted documents contain insurance numbers, insured person symbols and numbers, individual numbers, or other sensitive personal information listed on the health insurance card, please black them out before submission. If they are not blacked out upon receipt by our company, we will treat them as non-acquired information upon blacking them out at our company.
    * Prescribed forms could be download from the following links.
    Personal Information Disclosure Request Form
    Letter of Attorney
    (3) Handling Fee
    For requests regarding disclosure and/or notification of purposes of use of Personal Data held by UDS, and disclosure of third-party provision records, please enclose a fixed-amount postal money order (issued by the post office) of 1,000 yen per request with the designated disclosure request form.
  6. Inquiries and Complaints regarding Handling of Personal Information
    For inquiries or complaints regarding handling of Personal Information, please contact below.
    [Contact Information for Inquiries regarding Handling of Personal Information]
    Personal Information Advisory Desk
    Corporate Planning Division, UDS Ltd.
    Reception Hours: Monday through Friday (except for national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays), 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Contact Method: Please use the form linked below.
  7. Handling of Information on the Website
    We collect and handle information related to users of our websites ("UDS Websites"), such as access logs and cookies, for the following purposes:
    (1) For security measures such as detecting unauthorized access
    (2) To analyze access patterns and improve the Company Website
    (3) For session management in web forms
    (4) To integrate with social media by embedding content from our official accounts on platforms such as YouTube and setting up social media share buttons
    We do not link the collected information with personal information but depending on the browsing environment of the website user, the access status (date and time, device environment, etc.) at the time of browsing may be automatically transmitted to external services such as social media in a state linked to information that identifies the individual, such as the user's social media account, or in an anonymous state. Some pages of the Company Website are linked to the following external services. Please refer to the privacy policies of each company for the types of information collected and handling methods.
    >Google Map
    Additionally, the tracking mechanism of cookies and others can be disabled in the user's environment. Please refer to the browser's help or the websites of external service providers such as social media for details.
    Furthermore, when obtaining personal information for inquiries through the Company Website's inquiry form or various procedures related to our services, etc., individuals are requested to provide consent regarding the handling of personal information, including the purpose of use. The personal information provided will be appropriately managed and operated based on Privacy Policy
  8. Information Acquisition from Google Analytics
    We use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, to understand the access status of users and improve our websites. Data collected based on Google Analytics cookies is managed by Google according to its privacy policy. By using our website, users are deemed to have given their permission for the data processing carried out by Google and the site administrator for the aforementioned purpose.
    For an explanation of the Google Analytics Terms of Service, please visit the Google Analytics website. For an explanation of Google's privacy policy, please visit the Google website.
    > Google Analytics Terms of Service:
    > Google Privacy Policy:
    You can also disable Google's information collection by setting the opt-out option using the "Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on" provided by Google.
    > Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on: