Urban development that excites the world

At UDS, we trace our origins to 1992 and the establishment of Urban Design System, a design firm dedicated to creating fully enjoyable urban living arrangements that function as systems designed for business feasibility and community life.

Our basic stance is to "enjoy our work," and we are always conscious of and pursuing "design," "business," and "social. What we at UDS mean by "enjoyable work" is work that allows us to propose things and services that we want in the fields we are interested in, make our clients happy, generate a solid profit, and be of service to society.

Design sophistication tends to get people talking about a place, making it a spot that appeals to people and generates new value for the neighborhood. But in order to provide an enduring presence rather than a passing fad, it is important that the business is properly profitable and sustainable.The pursuit of stylishness costs money, and so does contribution to society. We regard it as essential that we strike a balance among these three elements of business feasibility, design sophistication and community orientation.

Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the company's establishment, and the scope of our business has expanded from residential cooperative houses that lead to community development to hotels, commercial facilities, and public facilities.One thing that has never changed since our founding, however, is our commitment to truly grasping the needs of our clients and of local communities, and doing work that earns praise by exceeding expectations. This is why we at UDS are an organization that combines "planning," "design," and "management.

When we establish a plan, we put ourselves in the place of the end-user so that we can achieve feasibility while meeting the needs of the local community and understanding its issues.
1. Iidentify local needs and issues from the end-user's point of view and formulate a plan that meets business feasibility.
2. Design that gives concrete form to the plan while adding value to it.
3. Operate the facilities we design, and obtain various feedback from customers and colleagues who use them,,which we will use to improve the facilities and plan for the future.
We believe that this cycle of being able to give back the end-user perspective is is essential. And it is one of our key advantages at UDS

With "Enjoying our work" as our first priority, we will work with the local community and its residents to create an exciting community around the world through a cycle of planning, design, and operation. This is what we at UDS aim for.