商業 カスケード原宿





第9回International Design Awards Architecture/Landscape 部門 金賞
JCDデザインアワード2016 BEST 100

“CASCADE HARAJUKU” is a restaurant complex, planned to provide a new vibrancy from a backstreet of Harajuku. The layout looks like a gathering of enclosed stand-alone stores that consist of two different floor levels connected with a structural street, a patio with four-story height, and terraces set up in each floor. Guests can see every store from the pation or the terrace. We eliminated overlaps of each terrace and created geometric “layered terraces”so that the patio and terraces have more spacious feeling and sunlight.
The stores and terraces are linked seamlessly with random pattern tiles of floors and walls creating harmony with the geometric building shape. Rich plants in terraces, serial semi-open sashes, and external lightings & signs designed in interior way provide a certain effect which brings vibrant atmosphere from store inside to outside terrace area. The building does not insist but the stores and terraces create the expression of the place.

所在地 東京敷地面積 818.85m2延床面積 1695.59m2規模 地下1階、地上3階構造 鉄筋コンクリート構造竣工年 2015年用途 商業事業内容 企画設計チーム COMPATHSDU