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Open Innovation Facility for Learning, Connecting, Gathering, and Collaborating.

In March 2022, NTT West Japan launched an open innovation facility adjacent to their new office in Osaka-Kyobashi. This space was designed with the goal of providing a place for corporations, startups, municipalities, universities, and others to "learn, connect, gather, and collaborate."

Towards the realization of this fundamental concept, UDS conducted interviews, workshops, and needs assessments to define requirements, identify user needs, and uncover latent demands. Based on these insights, UDS developed plans, designs, and operational recommendations, providing support for the facility's launch.

Furthermore, proposals for events and workshops essential for creating an environment where people from both within and outside the organization can "learn, connect, gather, and collaborate" were made. UDS continues to provide ongoing support post-launch to ensure the facility's sustained success.

Tasks handled:
Business planning consulting
Operational planning
Project management
Operational support


Location OsakaFloor Area 4,000m2Floors 3FCompletion 2022Use Workplace, OtherDetail Planning, OperationTeam SDU

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