Hotel Overseas Hotel Anteroom Seoul

An art hotel with 150 guest in Garosugil district in Korea, a populer shopping destination for young people, but used to be a town of unique stores and ginkgo trees. Based on the memories of such a town, Hotel Anteroom Seoul is planned as a place where people can experience Seoul's current art and culture by making new discoveries and encounters during the stay.

The design emphasizes warmth and comfort, which is in contrast to the bustling street, and is a space where you can relax and feel as if you were visiting a friend's house. Sandwich, a creative platform led by sculptor Kohei Nawa, will provide art direction.

Location KoreaSite Area 338.3m2Floor Area 3670.5m2Floors 19F / 4BFStructure SC造 / SCCompletion 2020Use Hotel, OverseasDetail Planning, DesignTeam COMPATH, su+

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