Restaurant *Operating Facilities Relax Shokudo ComRezi Akabane

Residents-Exclusive Dining Area at Collaborative Residence "ComRezi Akabane."

Leveraging our expertise in nationwide dining initiatives, we have conceptualized a space that revolves around "rediscovering the joy of food and facilitating opportunities for interaction." The core idea is to provide menus that transcend generations, inviting individuals to relish in the pleasure of food, while also acting as a catalyst for fostering connections through culinary experiences.

In addition to daily homemade breakfast and dinner offerings, we curate an array of dining experiences. These include cooking classes and nutritional seminars, tailored to the interests of residents who share a passion for culinary exploration. We aim to create a sense of community centered around food by offering opportunities for interactions and engagements among the residents.

Located within the Collaborative Residence "ComRezi Akabane," this dining area serves as a space where residents can come together, bond over shared experiences, and enjoy a wide range of cuisines in an atmosphere that encourages connections across generations.


Location TokyoFloors 76席 / 76SeatsStructure S造 / SCompletion 2022Use Restaurant, *Operating FacilitiesDetail Planning, OperationTeam Relax Design

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