Other *Operating Facilities Shimokita Railroad Street. Vacant Lot

In the emerging area known as "Shimokitazawa Railroad Street," born from the development of former railway tracks due to the underground conversion of the Odakyu Line from "Higashi-Kitazawa Station" to "Setagaya-Daita Station," a temporary and collaborative play space has popped up.

With the aim of creating a comfortable and vibrant space that contributes to the diverse community of Shimokitazawa, this initiative seeks to provide a supportive platform for sparking new ideas and endeavors. The setup includes rental spaces such as kitchen spaces and food trucks, as well as event areas, all intended to encourage imaginative and enjoyable creations born from the spirit of "let's give it a try.

UDS has been involved in the overall conceptualization and foundational planning of "Shimokitazawa Railroad Street." In the Vacant Lot, through diverse events and activities, we collaborate with the local community to bring out the charm of the area, layering and enhancing the vibrancy of the Shimo-Kitazawa region. Together with Odakyu Electric Railway, we are committed to advancing area management and community enhancement.

Location TokyoSite Area 1,400m2Completion 2019Use Other, *Operating FacilitiesDetail Planning, Design, OperationTeam SDU


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