Hotel *Operating Facilities Soki Atami

A hot spring resort where visitors can spend a spontaneous and unrestricted time with themselves, facing the world as it is. It proposes a new style of stay by reconsidering the essential values and experiences of Atami's therapeutic hot springs and hot spring resorts.

The guest rooms with Hot Spring bath are designed by TONERICO:INC. and the open-kitchen restaurant with charcoal fireplace is designed by age It has a tea house where you can watch fireworks over Atami Bay, a large bathhouse where you can enjoy the hot spring while feeling the outside air, and a village garden where citrus fruits, seasonal vegetables, and herbs are grown.

Location ShizuokaSite Area 3,359.05m2Floor Area 5,716.16m2Floors 8FStructure RC造 一部SRC造 / RC and SRCCompletion 2020Use Hotel, *Operating FacilitiesDetail Planning, Design, OperationTeam Project Design

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