TypeF MUJI Hotel Ginza

Hotel *Operating Facilities MUJI Hotel GInza

MUJI HOTEL GINZA, opened with the global flagship store MUJI GINZA, offers great sleep and a place of rest, supporting both body and soul while away from home, at the same time connecting travelers to local communities.

The back wall of the hotel reception is made with pave stones of trams that used to run in Tokyo over 100 years ago, and the restaurant WA use metal plates from an old ship for its wall,incorporating the rich textures only the passing of time can provide.

The hotel is planned,designed and managed by UDS under the supervision of Ryohin Keikaku in terms of total concept and interior design.


Location TokyoSite Area 1,343m2Floor Area 3,510.39(ホテル部分)m2Floors (hotel)6F-8FStructure 鉄骨造、SRC造 /steel frame, SRCCompletion 2019Use Hotel, *Operating FacilitiesDetail Planning, Design, OperationTeam COMPATH, Hotel Management

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