ONSEN RYOKAN 由縁 札幌 ガーデンスイート

Hotel *Operating Facilities Onsen Ryokan Yuen Sapporo

The second “ONSEN RYOKAN YUEN” following Shinjuku. Located in the heart of Sapporo, the hotel is situated in a location where you can feel the rich nature of Hokkaido.

The space is a modern interpretation of the careful furnishings and architectural techniques unique to ryokan space and Japanese architecture, while overlaying the climate and culture of Hokkaido. The high-quality local wood such as oak and Sapporo soft stone are used throughout.

In the large bathrooms, guests can enjoy hot spring water carried from the source of the Karurusu Hot Springs in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, in the open-air baths.


Location HokkaidoSite Area 1,071.87m2Floor Area 7,416.00m2Floors 13FStructure RC造 一部 鉄骨造 / RC and steel-framedCompletion 2020Use Hotel, *Operating FacilitiesDetail Planning, Design, OperationTeam COMPATH, su+, Hotel Management

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