(tefu) Planning, Produce, Operation



Sharing good furniture and good spaces

"(tefu)"" is a sharing service for furniture and spaces, encompassing two main branches: "Furniture Sharing Service" and "Mixed-Use Facility Management."

The name "(tefu)" is derived from the motif of the butterfly as a representation of values. Just as it's said that "when a butterfly flaps its wings, a strong wind blows far away," every individual's small choices and actions (flaps of wings) undoubtedly connect and impact their community and society. We engage in creating spaces and services that allow people to share, circulate, and deepen various values, thus realizing their own unique ways of living.

The Furniture Sharing Service operates under the brand "(tefu) vintaging-supplies," offering sharing services for furniture and everyday items, including Nordic vintage furniture, that not only retain their value but even appreciate over time. In "Mixed-Use Facility Management," we provide spaces like "(tefu) lounge", "(tefu) yoyogi uehara", "(tefu) jiyugaoka", and "(tefu) warehouse", which act as hubs for local communities, connecting people, time, space, and activities to enhance everyday life.