Relax Design Restaurant management, Restaurant planning and consulting


Relax Design

Designing and operating dining spaces aligned with mind and body

Relax Design team operate dining spaces such as "Relax Shokudo," providing daily meals for users of facilities like student dormitories, elementary schools, and residences. We also handle dining space planning and menu development consultations.

Our aim is not to provide special meals for extraordinary occasions, but rather to be a presence that accompanies and comforts people in their everyday lives, like a meal that brings a sense of relief. Since the food we eat every day contributes to building our bodies, we want to go beyond just "delicious" and consider what lies beyond. We strive to offer meals that resonate with both the heart and body – a dining experience that feels just right for you.

Starting as a dining space for student dormitories in 2010, "Relax Shokudo" is now operational in seven cities across eight locations: Tokyo, Sendai, Kanagawa, Nagano, Shiga, Osaka, and Hiroshima. Our staff, including registered dietitians, provide safe and nutritionally balanced meals that support the health and growth of users, mainly students.