SDU Planning, Design coordination, Operation


SDU - System Design Unit

From imaginative visions of unexplored worlds to practical implementation in society, an ongoing creative unit.

Comprising the initials of System Design Unit, SDU is a team that handles everything from project conceptualization, which marks the project's inception, to operational phases of implementation. Within this compact team, SDU combines all the functions necessary for the establishment of facilities, including planning, design, construction, and operation, which are inherent to UDS.

With a shared consciousness of everyone being a "creator of systems = system designer," and operating under a cross-boundary framework, the team focuses on "reconstructing the business phase" to realize projects and its branding.

This approach allows SDU to undertake projects such as the Shimokita Railroad Track Site project, the residential educational facility Shimokita College, and NTT West Japan's open innovation facility Quintbridge, creating unprecedented new spaces.

SDU operates and supports around 10 facilities, primarily focusing on shared offices and share houses.

Scope of Services

Planning: Research, consulting, business planning, business model development, concept planning, branding, project management, leasing, operational setup.

Design: Architectural design direction, interior design direction.

Operation: Mixed-use property management, residential facility operation (shared houses and student dormitories), workplace operation for coworking spaces and business collaboration facilities, support for launching complex facilities (cafes and rental spaces), operation and management support.