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Hotel Management

Hospitality operations team specializing in the management of places that make towns richer and more enjoyable.

Hotel management team specialize in the operation and consultation of facilities, primarily hotels, to create enriching and joyful environments for communities.

In the charming towns and cities brimming with rich local character, we operate hotels, inns, and dining establishments both within and outside of hotels, establishing them as travel destinations.

From the planning stages of these facilities, we collaborate with UDS's planning and design departments, engaging with a guest-centered approach in the planning and design process, and this is a significant aspect of our operations. Building upon our extensive operational experience, we also provide consultations for hotel and dining facility operations in this new era.

Our current operations encompass a range of facilities, including urban-style hotels with new concepts like Muji Hoeel Ginza and Hamaho Hotel, the new generation of inns like Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku and Yuen Bettei Daita, as well as art and culture infused hotels such as Hotel Kanra Kyoto and Hotel Anteroom Kyoto.

We oversee eight lodging facilities and three external dining establishments. In each location, our staff, who love their respective regions and communities, welcome guests with the intention of creating intersections where guests and the local people and culture converge.