Project Design Planning, Design, Operation

all day place shibuya

Project Design

Designs and manages all aspects of business development planning, design, operations, and management.

"Project Design" is precisely what it sounds like: designing the entirety of a project. To solve challenges using design thinking throughout the development of a business, from planning to design, operation, and management, the Project Design team was established as an entrepreneurial venture within the company, bringing together members with diverse specialties.

The projects undertaken so far encompass hotels, residences, commercial facilities, offices, as well as launching new businesses and mixed developments. We have achieved the development of a wide range of real estate projects through project design, considering end-user perspectives, urban development perspectives, and business perspectives.

For business development based on site information, we propose operational design from an operational and management perspective by enhancing the customer experience value through research and market analysis-based business planning, concept design, design-driven space creation through architecture and interior design, and brand design from communication and creative viewpoints.

As exemplified by "all day place shibuya," we realize future-oriented project design from a perspective of business viability, social impact, and design thinking by executing planning, design, operation, and management all within one team as a one-stop solution.

Scope of Services

Development: Project management through assembling businesses from acquiring site information and feasibility development.

Planning: Developing business revenue and expense plans based on research and market analysis, devising operation and management plans, planning content development, concept design, brand design, and creative direction.

Design: Architectural design supervision, interior design, spatial design direction, furniture and fixture fabrication, procurement of equipment.

Operation: Operation and management of hotels and restaurants, support for launching and operational design, leasing support services.